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We Need To Talk

Mar 30, 2020

From We Are The Worst:

We are joined by Meader and Pepin from the We Need to Talk podcast this week and things are about to get silly, so strap in!

Dreia and Maggie researched the Winchester Mystery House and are excited to tell you all about it. After the deaths of her entire family, Sarah Winchester (of the gun fame, not the Supernatural show fame) moved out to San Jose, CA and began construction on her new home that would last for 38 years. It was rumored that Sarah continued the construction for so long to ensure that angry spirits that had been killed by her family’s guns could never find her in her maze of a house. It was also rumored that Sarah would hold séances and get guidance on how to build the house from friendly spirits. Either way, this house is bananas and we really need to go see it for ourselves.


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